About us

Mao Feng Recycle Trading Pte Ltd specializes in domestic and international trading of plastic waste, post-industrial plastic scrap, and post-consumer plastic scrap. Our team have the expertise is dealing with most range of plastic scraps including PET, HDPE, LDPE, PS, PP, ABS, Specialised engineering plastics, etc. We prefer to build regular business relationship with supplies and customers, which have allowed us to successfully build the business to today’s level. 

Our Vision

Our company is committed to the environment and its preservation. Plastics are made from oil which is a fossil fuel, which will one day run out. Therefore it is much more important to make use of plastics that can be recycled and re-used, rather than continually exploiting the fossil fuel to make them in the first place. We encourage and support manufacturers of consumer goods/industrial goods to manage their waste into separate streams and preparing it for transport. Their waste can be potentially being sold for recycling and produce an income of being a cost and a burden to the company. You can also have a clear conscience in knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment by having your waste recycled and diverting it away from landfill sites. We help people and the planet by preventing improper disposal of wastes.

Our Mission

To being the finest service providers in our industry, provide it in a safe, environmentally friendly and economically viable way. To offer rapid and proficient services of the highest standard at all times in a cost effective approach with diligence, honesty and reliability. To conserve natural resources and support their sustainable use by taking constructive steps towards upgrading environmental systems. To purchase renewable, reusable and recyclable products, offering a waste solution that will benefit and help reduce global warming.